Yenesi (yenesi) wrote in hockey,

I posted about this in my LJ, and I thought some of you might find it amusing. I think this happened last year, but I'm not to sure, it could have been a few years ago *scratches head*

Anyway, so playoffs happens to fall during Easter for me a lot (the dates of Easter vary for people who are Orthodox Christian, it's usually after the -er "regular" Easter (for lack of a better term)). There were major LOLS on Holy Friday this one year because it was the same day as a Sharks' playoff game. I guess this one dude REALLY didn't want to miss the game because he was listening to it during the church service that night on a walkman, and just about everyone knew this because the church's sound system happened to pick up on it. The entire game was being broadcast throughout the service (it wasn't that loud, but it was definitely audible, especially if you paid attention).

The best part was when the Sharks scored and there was a not-so-silent "yessssssssss!" whispered by many of the people listening, haha. So tonight is Holy Friday again, and also game one of round two (Go sharks, woo!). Oh the Playoffs + Jesus' death = LOLS.
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